Family Tree – Matthew 1:1-25

The first 4 chapters are pretty short and they each have their own theme, so I decided to include all of chapter 1 today.  Once we hit chapter 5, we’ll start taking smaller bites.  So start by reading Matthew 1:1-25 in a couple of different versions and read the Study Bible notes, if you have them.  Make notes on what strikes you as you go and feel free to post them to the comment section, especially if it’s something I missed.  Remember, I’m not doing any kind of theological exegesis here, I’m just going to make observations of things that I notice.  I’ll post my observations after bullet points, and the questions after a diamond, like this:

  • It’s taking a long time to get to the actual Bible reading

◊ Is this really necessary?

Okie doke, here we go!

  • V3 – It’s unusual for Matthew to mention women in Jesus’ genealogy, especially since they were all (aside from Mary) either Gentiles, of questionable character, or both.
  • Some of the kings followed God, but some of them were atrocious.
  • V11-12 – Includes deportation to and return from Babylon – this “family” has gone through a lot!
  • Rahab was a prostitute, Tamar posed as one and Judah “took her home,” Solomon was born from one of history’s most notorious affairs.  Jechoniah was an awful king and under his watch Israel was overthrown by Babylon.  After so many kings, the line fizzles into obscurity until you come to a guy who’s just a carpenter.

◊ Are there things that I have done or that have been done/passed down to me  by my family that I doubt God could/would redeem?

  • V18 – “Found to be with child from the Holy Spirit”!!!!  That’s a lot for anyone to comprehend/swallow
  • V19 – Joseph, “a just man and unwilling to shame her”, balanced keeping his own name clear with having mercy on Mary (who could be stoned to death if he made a big deal.)

◊ Do I have mercy on people – even on their reputations?  When I think they’ve done me wrong, do I keep it to myself?

  • V19 – Joseph resolved to divorce Mary – I’m assuming he didn’t pray before making that decision or he would’ve come to a different conclusion.

◊ Do I pray and consult with God before making decisions?

  • V20-24 – The angel was reassuring, but it probably didn’t make it much easier to deal with local gossip and obey God

◊ Am I willing to obey God even when it could negatively affect my reputation?

  • V21,23 – Jesus means Yahweh saves – He will save his people from their sins.  Immanuel means God with us.  His name says both who he is (God with us) and what he’s doing (saving his people.)
  • V23 – Jesus was God with us, not apart from us like the people were used to experiencing God in the temple – removed from the people by a curtain that only a few could pass.
  • V23 – Matthew makes the connection with the old prophecy.  He’s helping the people to remember.

◊ How do I remember what God has said to me?  What He has done for me?

  • Jesus’ birth is filled with so much drama and scandal, but it’s obviously orchestrated by God.

◊ Am I intimidated/driven off by drama and scandal when I should be examining it for signs that God is involved and perhaps I should be too?  How can I tell the difference between scandal that God is involved in and scandal that I should stay far away from?

Wrap up your quiet time by praying through the following questions:

  • Based on this passage of Scripture, what can I thank God for?
  • What do these verses tell me about God and His character?
  • Based on this passage, is there anything I need to confess to God and ask forgiveness for?
  • What do these verses remind me to pray for others?
  • What do these verses move me to pray for myself?

(Special thanks to Pastor Royce at Red Sea Church for teaching me to pray TACSI (Thanksgiving, Adoration, Confession, Supplication, and Intercession) as I read through Scriptures.)


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6 Responses to Family Tree – Matthew 1:1-25

  1. nathan says:

    the reputation question is one that gets me, not wanting to stick out too much or be thought a wierdo. Jesus help me to honor and love you above all else, not fearing peoples opinions of me, but simply finding myself satisfied that you said “it is finished” including what you think of me in Christ. Help me live for you so that when I see your face in heaven I might hear you say “well done good and faithful servant”

  2. monsterpony says:

    I read this passage in the Message and I was struck but a few points. First, the way the generations are broken up numerically. I am unsure if there is a significance to this but something about the evenness is notable. Second, in v. 19 the statement used to described how Joseph was feeling is “chagrined but noble”. I can easily relate to the definition of chagrin-it gives me empathy for Joseph and admiration that he felt the way he did but still was determined not to disgrace Mary. According to the customs he may not have known her all that closely though they were engaged.

    This weekend in SS class we were studying the character of Jesus through the passage of John 13:1-17 where he washes the disciples feet. The study made a point that Jesus was so sure of who He was, he didn’t care what people thought about the things he did that were humble, lowly, or beneath him or just anti-cultural/traditional. This passage and Mary/Joseph’s reaction to what God was asking them to do reaffirmed my identity needs some work as I may argue with God about what He wants me to do because I care what others (Believers or not) may think of me.

    OC for July 22nd (no coincidence there) says, Am I willing to reduce myself down to simply “me”? Am I determined enough to strip myself of all that my friends think of me, and all that I think of myself? Am I willing and determined to hand over my simply naked self to God? Once I am, He will immediately sanctify me completely, and my life will be free from being determined and persistent toward anything except God (see 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24).

    So after reading Matthew 1 this morning, combining it with the topics I was already marinating on from Oswald and SS class…I am brought to the words of Jesus himself in Matthew 10:38-39 (MSG): “If you don’t go all the way with me, through thick and thin, you don’t deserve me. If your first concern is to look after yourself, you’ll never find yourself. But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you’ll find both yourself and me.

    The lyrics to the Doves, “Almost forgot myself” just came to mind. Guess it’s time to attempt to go past almost.

    Thanks C.

    • Those are great thoughts Heidi. I Love the bit about Jesus being secure and confident in who He was that he didn’t care what others thought. I spend significantly more time thinking about what others think of me than I do thinking about what God thinks of me. Usually I’m pretty off base about what people are thinking anyway so it really is a major waste of my time and worry. Good old Oswald always knows how to hit the nail on the head. Thanks for sharing that. It gives me more to chew on…

  3. Kiyah says:

    From reading this passage and going through the questions I really can’t appreciate enough how merciful God is. Who we are and where we come from shows how unworthy we are for His compassion, but He continually shows us grace. It made me evaluate myself and see how much I really judge, scrutinize, and think selfishly. I am the worst offender, but God loves me all the same.
    In the genealogy we see how God loves to use those who by this world’s standard are bad, but by their faith have been made clean. God is awesome in the way He takes those who are most judged and uses them and raises them above the rest.
    I pray that I will humble myself and have the mercy on others as God has on me. I am no better than anyone and if not worse. I have been so blessed and need to be more appreciative and more gracious.

  4. I was really intrigued by the question about scandal. It is interesting to see how Jesus’ ancestral line is full of scandal involving kings, prostitutes, extramarital affairs – lots of things we would think of as almost unforgivable.

    Do we need to fall into ignominy in order for God to redeem us? While I don’t think it’s quite as dramatic as 42 generations worth of free falling I do think there’s an element of humility that we need to acknowledge before we can get to the next level with God.

  5. Katie says:

    The Scandal and drama question hit me too! I do tend to steer clear of drama, or try to lighten the dramatic in my life and others…. It made me repent for some pretty harsh judgements I have made on people in my life…

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