Self Examination

I feel like I need to clarify that the questions are to further engage my thoughts and heart in the Scripture.   They’re not “do better, try harder” questions, they’re “search my heart and know me God” questions to shed light on the condition of my spiritual self.  If you consider them as a “do better, try harder” checklist, you will only be discouraged.  On the same token, it’s ok to feel bad when we’re confronted in our sin as long as we use that to push us back to God and offer ourselves more completely to Him.  Sometimes I only write the question and give it hardly any other thought.  Sometimes I find myself thinking about them days later.  The point is to engage my thoughts in the Scriptures in as many ways as I can and open my mind, heart, and ears to hear from God.  A lot of the time, it is a practice of self-examination.  Think of them as a sort of “shower check” for lumps of sin.  If you find one, don’t freak out, just offer it to God to remove from your heart and life before it gets any bigger.


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I am a Christ follower, a wife, a mom, and a creator. I like to share my stuff.
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1 Response to Self Examination

  1. monsterpony says:

    That guy is definitely using a mirror to check out his derriere. Which is giving me a good giggle.

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